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The old way of recruiting is broken.

Meet Qerala

A NEW way to find the RIGHT MATCH that will integrate and grow with your team.

The old way of recruiting is simply not enough.

It doesn’t present the whole picture of the talent, nor the organization. The talent pool is available to all organizations but understanding and leveraging talent using science is unheard of.

Why don’t recruiters in the Life science, Medical, and Industrial sphere use science to acquire and match talent?

That's where we come in

Let us introduce ourselves

We started this company to break a mold that has long-needed a fresh beginning. Our years of inside experience give us a leg-up on the competition.
  • We’ve actually run day-to-day operations of a company that required inside sales, application chemists, scientific affairs managers, field service engineers, and field sales.
  • We know that getting it right with bringing on new talent is the key to advancing your mission.
  • We know that getting top performers with team orientation data is the difference between winning opportunities or losing them.
The Process

Our Scientific Process

Better fit the first time

Be better equipped to understand your employee capabilities and talents - where they fit best.

Removes bias

Assessing our candidates through psychometric analysis helps remove biases, allowing us to make the best hiring decision based on science — not a 45-minute interview.

When we apply our psychometric analysis, we're trying to understand the values of talent and the hiring manager. We believe values help determine your character, work habits and provide us with insight into team dynamics.
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